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MRT Pillars | Pillar #1

MRTconsultants provides you with the “best in class” services that revolve around the following MRT Pillars: Pillar #1: Organizational Culture

We believe that “culture” is not part of the game, “culture” is the game - In today’s competitive environment, the foundation of your organization is your brand differentiator and will either lead to long term success or failure. Research shows that organizational culture directly impacts the bottom line and today’s most successful companies are those who focus on building a strong culture that drives engagement at all levels and enable success, innovation and sustainable & consistent performance. MRT Consultants work with companies across the globe to redefine their cultures and build others from scratch. MRT Consultants services include:

  • Develop or redefine your organizational Culture;
  • Craft your Core Ideology and Envisioned Future;
  • Translate your Core Values into actionable and measurable Service Commitments;
  • Design tools, artifacts, language and rituals to reinforce your Culture;
  • Develop learning and recognition tools to ensure your Culture sustainability; and
  • Conduct "Vital Cultural Signs" assessment to ensure momentum and translate the Culture to life.