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MRT Pillars | Pillar #4

MRTconsultants provides you with the “best in class” services that revolve around the following MRT Pillars: Pillar #4: Service Excellence (Art of Guest Engagement)

Service Excellence/Guest Engagement is the key of entry yet the software of any brand in the service industry. Whether in the business of hospitality, healthcare, automotive, or retail, service excellence will give you the competitive advantage by strengthening the customers (guests, patients etc.) trust, integrity, pride and passion. Remember, in today’s customer-oriented business environment, If you are not ready to exceed the expectations of your customers, someone else is ready and willing to do it! We partner with organizations to craft “one size fits one” learning solutions (aligned with the organizational Culture), to equip the associates with the mind-set, skill-set and tool-set to put their personal signature on the job and create personal, innovative, heart-felt and memorable experiences. MRT Consultants services include:

  • Facilitate our signature Service Excellence workshops (Vital Few SeriesTM) in alignment with your culture and brand identity;
  • Facilitate Emotional Intelligence workshops to enable the associates to evoke emotions in your customers (Inspiring Service: Emotional IntelligenceTM);
  • Provide On The Job coaching for the service professionals to deliver 5 Star experiences (with Emotional Intelligence);
  • Lead Experience Mapping Workshops to craft a deliberate customer experience; and
  • Evaluate the current service processes & practices (Personalized Mystery Shopper) and share recommendations to deliver truly authentic and intuitive service (Strategic Solution).