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MRT Pillars | Pillar #5

MRTconsultants provides you with the “best in class” services that revolve around the following MRT Pillars: Pillar #5: Hospitality of Style

Whether you are in the automotive, healthcare, insurance or aviation industry, our solutions are designed to bring in the “Hospitality of Style” culture into your business and ensure your associates are fully equipped with a luxury Service Excellence mindset to activate your product and deliver unique, innovative, engaged and memorable lifestyle experiences. We are experts in providing, among others, the following solutions:

  • Craft your company Culture to enable a Culture of service excellence;
  • Provide one on one coaching for the executive team on strategy, execution and emotional intelligence;
  • Assist you to build a talent based organization through Talent Based Selection Process;
  • Develop tailor made workshops and/or facilitate MRT signature Service Excellence workshops (& Emotional Intelligence in the Service Industry);
  • Develop "One Size Fits One" tailored made workshops & TTT  to ensure momentum and sustainability;
  • Partner with the Front of The House Leaders to evaluate the current service processes & practices and share recommendations to deliver truly authentic and intuitive service.