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MRT Values

Nothing CHANGES until something MOVES
Have you seen a Potter in action? We learned one thing: Nothing changes until something moves! This principle guides our every action to inspire a new mind-set…one that is vital to unleashing individuals’ potentials and highest contribution and legacy.

The pledge to investigate, define, redefine, imagine and reimagine… To work in partnership by sharing ideas, technologies and talents that allow us to achieve and sustain growth.

If they ZIG, we ZAG!
The heart and the soul of MRT leading principles; we walk through barriers; thrive on change and have fun doing it! It's about walking the unconventional path and breaking rules! It’s our creative force…our “obsession” with agility and breaking the “obvious” to achieve creative insights.

NEVER settle for 99.9%
If 99.9% is good enough, more than 15 babies will be given to the wrong parents each day. We don’t settle for mediocrity…We deliver with impact! We don’t settle for satisfaction… we deliver quality and inspire engagement! We put our heart and soul in every breath we take!