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What We Think
Since its inception, MRT Consultants has been governed by its Core Ideology and Envisioned Future. They shape our culture and define our character. They govern our actions and behaviours and guide our decision making process as well as our interactions with our partners (clients) and one another.

“Enabling Greatness…Everywhere” is our
Core Purpose and the fundamental reason for being. It is the soul of MRT Consultants, our passion that reflects the importance we attach to what we do… Our purpose is our guiding star; it inspires change but never change!

“To own an unattainable space in transformational learning by reimagining excellence and redefining greatness!” represents our Vision, our compass, long-term aspirations and strategic direction. The word “excellence” represents our lust while “greatness” signifies the by-product of our promises, continuous learning, disciplined execution and agility. Excellence and Greatness are measured by (a) sustaining superior performance; (b) fostering engagement at all levels; and (c) driving distinctive contribution. They emphasize the definite measurable outcomes of our services highlighted in our MRT Pillars.

“MRT Consultants is fanatical about improving efficiency, empowering effectiveness and fostering individual and organizational growth through our partnership to translate learning into sustainable results…everywhere!” defines our Mission and the impact of our culture and services. The word “Everywhere” embraces the ultimate change that our partnership will bring to your organization, at all levels.

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