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MRT Pillars | Pillar #6

MRTconsultants provides you with the "best in class" services that revolve around the following MRT Pillars: Pillar #6: Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally Intelligent Associates are far more productive and engaged…They have an optimistic view and healthy appetite to explore the unknown, believe in their ability to positively influence others and outcomes. They consider themselves a vital part of their team and enjoy their responsibility to inspire and serve. Those Associates use their emotional intelligence to blended emotions with IQ hence producing effective decisions, results, & teams. Emotional Intelligence is also vital for crafting a culture of Service Excellence…The ultimate question is: Are you leveraging your Emotional Intelligence? Are you effectively connecting with your customers and associates? Are you effectively using your E.motions (energy in motion) to produce effective results? MRT consultants guided thousands of multicultural leaders to unleash their emotional intelligence and enable service excellence, personal and professional success. MRT Consultants services include:

  • Conduct Emotional Intelligence profiling & One on One dialogues (Coaching);
  • Facilitate Emotional Intelligence workshops in the context of (a) Leadership Effectiveness; (b) Service Excellence; and (c) Associates Engagement; and
  • Craft Emotional Intelligence teams and culture.